My approach to logo design reflects the personality of your business. 
There are many factors to consider before we begin the visual branding process. What do you want to communicate about your company, employees, philosophy or mission? Who is your audience? Where and how will your logo appear? What does your name suggest?
The same approach goes into creating the rest of your visual identity. Colors, typefaces, backgrounds and secondary graphics all go into communicating your company's personality. 
Think of it as if we're creating your lead salesperson — someone who can help you to get your foot in a potential client’s door. Your brand is your greeting and handshake when you're not able to be there. 
Our goal is to make a connection through feeling as well as thinking — communicating the right message for your brand. Youthful or experienced? Compassionate or strong? All of the above?
Your brand serves as a prospective client's first impression of your business. So, let's make it the best it can be!

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