We Will unites people from different disciplines in organizations to share ideas, solve problems and create new opportunities so the whole can become greater than the sum of its parts. The company facilitates creative problem-solving workshops for groups and businesses.
We Will wanted an energetic, upbeat and nontraditional logo to reflect their unique creative process.
The icon represents a Venn diagram of many ideas coming together inside an infinite circle. The hexagons/honeycombs symbolize the organizational structure of a business and employees or people within an organization.
Idea creation can be a fast, messy and sometimes random process. Ideas can multiply, layer on top of each other and bounce off one another. This creative process is reflected in the design and how the hexagons interact.
The various colors represent different backgrounds or approaches used by a multi-disciplinary staff. The circle symbolizes the infinite possibilities of shared ideas coming together to create a patterned mosaic that couldn't have been created by one person alone.
This mosaic is used throughout their visual branding as a secondary graphic to add a distinctive style to their stationery, presentations, proposals, study materials and website.
Marketing direction and copywriting by Of the Sea.
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